Established And Focus On Medical Center
Kartika Bina Medikatama was established on December 18th, 1997 with the brand Medika Plaza. The company became a pioneer in providing occupational health services by create a Medical Centre that focus on medical check up for corporate clients, especially in mining, oil, and gas industry.
Expanded Service MEDICAL On-Site
By client’s demands, Medika Plaza expanded its services by setting up Medical On-Site Business Unit. This services covers from providing  health risk assessment (HRA) activities, provision of medicines, medical equipment’s, consumables and experienced medical personnel’s staffing to be placed on clients site spread all over Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke.
Set Up Medical Evacuation
With the needs of emergency medical evacuation services in remote areas, Medika Plaza create a Medical Evacuation Departement on 2005, to serve bed-to-bed patients transfer from sites to more adequate healthcare facilities.
2011 Meet International Standar ISO 9001 and OSAS 18001 Certification

Medika Plaza improve it services with ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007  certification by Bureau Veritas Certification Indonesia.

2014 Offer ASO Through Medical Administration Services

Along with medical benefit management development, in 2014 Medika Plaza set up Medical Administration Service (MAS) Unit. MAS offers 24/7 Helpline & call center for medical consultation, easy-cashless transactions at more than 1000 health care providers in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.

2016 Revitalized and Set Up New Corporate Identity

In 2016 Medika Plaza revitalized himself with new concept and logo. New management was appointed through a shareholders meeting.

2017 Set UP Medical Training & Medical Hospital Management

In 2017 Medika Plaza complete it services by adding 2 new services, Medical Training & Medical Hospital Management

Medika Plaza also move its headquarter from Menara Kuningan 5th Floor to Beltway Office Park Tower C 2nd Floor

Medika Plaza move clinic from Kartika Chandra to WTC II (Sudirman) and open a new clinic at Annex building Beltway Office Park ( TB. Simatupang ).

2020 Develop Lab Bio Safety Level 2, Operate Indika Solidarity & GSI Lab

2020 Develop Lab Bio Safety Level 2, Operate Indika Solidarity & GSI Lab


PT Kartika Bina Medikatama, dikenal dengan brand Medika Plaza merupakan salah satu pelopor besar dalam penyedia layanan kesehatan di Indonesia yang berdiri pada 18 Desember 1997. Kami bergerak pada 6 fokus utama layanan kesehatan yang meliputi medical center, medical on-site, medical evacuation, medical administration service, medical training, dan medical hospital management. Di tahun 2020, kami juga turut membantu pemerintah Indonesia dalam menangani pandemic COVID-19 dengan membuka layanan Screening COVID-19 secara massif.

Vision To be the best and most sought after health and medical service in Indonesia Mission To consistently deliver innovative, reliable and excellent medical service a long side our exceedingly compassionate and tender care

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